The 2018 Foire du Midi ends after welcoming 1.5 million visitors

The 2018 Foire du Midi ends after welcoming 1.5 million visitors
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The 138th Foire du Midi ended on Sunday. Around 1.5 million people attended the event, which opened on Saturday the 14th of July. These figures come from estimations provided by Patrick de Corte, the President of the Professional Union of Fairs. There have been no notable incidents. 

Figures dropped slightly after the 2016 attacks, but this year the Foire du Midi welcomed the usual numbers of visitors (around 1.5 million). “The weather was almost perfect”, says Patrick de Corte. “It was just a little too hot at one point, but we didn’t really get any rain. The 20th and 21st of July were good, as was today. The last day of the fair is usually the best for many visitors, as prices are lower and the weather is usually amazing! This year it was neither too hot nor too cold”. 

He also said that this year’s patron, Belgian-Moroccan actor Mourade Zeguendi, was very present at the event. He attended the Sick Children’s Day on the 2nd of August. The Smurfs from the “Smurf Experience” were there to entertain the 150 special attendees who are being supported by medical associations. 

Players from Molenbeek club RWDM also came to the fair at the beginning of August, to mix with the visitors. 

More than 130 attractions were spread over a 2km stretch between Porte de Hal and Porte d’Anderlecht. “Top of the World”, the key attraction this year, carried visitors over 60m up into the air.

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