New exhibition space devoted to comics opens on 7 September

New exhibition space devoted to comics opens on 7 September

Gallery owners Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne will inaugurate a new, 1000m2 exhibition space devoted entirely to comics on 7 September. Located at the Place du Châtelain in Ixelles, the gallery aims to initiate new projects and build bridges between artists.

After the Sablon, with its art and antique dealers, Alain Huberty and Marc Breyne are now training their spotlight on Ixelles and its dynamic Châtelain neighbourhood. This second gallery will be abuzz with solo shows, collective exhibitions, album launches, performances and artists in residence, all aimed at fostering artistic revival and dialogue among artists.

“It’s the culmination of an approach begun over 30 years ago, that of contributing to the development of the art of comics,” the two exhibition curators say. “Following up in that direction, we found it important to create a space for exchanges and meetings between writers, artists, collectors, editors, but also amateurs.”

The author of Kid Paddle will be the first to grace the gallery with an exceptional exhibition since, in the 25 years of existence of the kid who loves video games, it will be the first time that its creator, Midam, will be showing his original boards and illustrations.

The Belgian comic author’s universe will unfold in two sections. First, an itinerary will retrace the artist’s career from the early days of Spirou magazine to his two signature creations, Kid Paddle and Game Over.

Midam’s latest giant-sized creations will then be depicted in a staged scene titled New-Blork City and inspired by street art.

In these creations, Midam will offer his original vision of the consumer society of the Big Apple.

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