L’Improviste, the first Belgian impro theatre, will open in October

L’Improviste, the first Belgian impro theatre, will open in October

L’Improviste, the first Belgian theatre totally dedicated to improvisation, will open its doors on the 20th of October. It is located in rue de Fierlant, Forest. It will be one of the first theatres in Europe to exclusively offer improvisation. 

Open six days a week, L’Improviste will offer two to three shows a day, by both Belgian and international troupes. It will also offer classes, from beginner level to more specific modules.  

“Improvisation has existed in Belgium for around 30 years,” says actor Patrick Spadrille, L’Improviste’s founder. “We started with improvisation battles, but more and more different things have been cropping up over the last ten or fifteen years. Everyone uses their experiences and explores different areas of improvisation. It has become popular in many countries. Because of this, I think creating a theatre just for improvisation makes sense, as you can show the technique to the audience in all its diversity. Improvisation keeps reinventing itself”. 

Opening L’Improviste is the fruit of several year’s work. “Opening an establishment of this kind is not a new idea, I have been thinking about it for around 20 years. Bringing it to life has been three and a half years of intensive work”, says Patrick Spadrille. “A lot of work has gone in to creating a place where people are really welcomed in great conditions”. 

After the opening on the 20th of October, L’Improviste’s first season will run until May. “We have already received requests for next season and we have one or two things we’d like to include”, says Patrick Spadrille. “We want improvised dance, improvised music. We also have contacts for shows in English and Dutch. We have also been considering classes in other languages”.  

As well as shows and workshops, L’Improviste has an internet page (www.improviste.be) that includes articles, podcasts and videos about improvisation. 

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