Antwerp listed in TripAdvisor’s top 20 Emerging travel destinations

Antwerp listed in TripAdvisor’s top 20 Emerging travel destinations
Antwerp. Credit: Pixabay

Every year, TripAdvisor collects all the reviews and favourites that tourists and travellers share on its travel platform, and uses the data to highlight the best travel destinations in the world.

TripAdvisor’s emerging travel destinations are based on where users want to go next, and what they save on their profiles. “These are often lesser-known destinations, which everyone will be talking about soon,” the travel platform said.

The Flemish city of Antwerp is ranked 20th in the top 25. The city is described as a “lively” and “gorgeous” destination.

“Its medieval streets, Renaissance monuments and vibrant nightlife are often overshadowed by the city’s reputation as the centre of the diamond trade and as the fifth largest port in the world,” the website reads. “Admire the thousands of Old Masters in the Royal Museum and the Rubens House. Experience the lively bustle on the Grote Markt, and admire the art and architecture of the unfinished Our Lady’s Cathedral, the construction of which began in 1351.”

The top three destinations for 2020 are Kalinigrad in Russia, the coastal town of Saranda in Albania, and Beirut in Lebanon, respectively.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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