Coronavirus: Two men jailed after spitting at police

Coronavirus: Two men jailed after spitting at police
Credit: Belga

Two men arrested in separate incidents for aggressive behaviour and spitting at police have each been remanded to prison by an investigating judge, the Office of the Public Prosecutor of Antwerp indicated.

During the arrests, both had shouted that they were infected with the novel Coronavirus.

The first arrest took place on Thursday afternoon in Wommelgem, Antwerp Province. The man in question was in a car with three other persons, which is prohibited under the current social-distancing rules. When police told them to pull over to the side of the road, the man reacted aggressively and spat at the law officers. He again spat at a policeman after being taken to the police station.

A few hours later, a second arrest was made in Antwerp: a driver who had committed a number of traffic offences reacted in a hostile manner when police stopped him and tried to check his papers. He then spat at an inspector.

Each of the two has been charged with resisting arrest and committing an attack with a dangerous substance. They face heavy fines and prison terms.

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