Coronavirus: Liège has highest number of infections among Wallonia’s provinces

Coronavirus: Liège has highest number of infections among Wallonia’s provinces
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Liège is now the Walloon province with the highest number of confirmed Covid-19 infections, 1,219, according to figures published on Sunday by the public health scientific institute, Sciensano.

This is a sharp increase compared to Friday, when only 208 cases had been detected.

The number of confirmed cases of the virus has been increasing quickly in Belgium since more tests are being carried out, said Emmanuel André, Inter-Federal Spokesman on Covid-19. The numbers also spiked in Wallonia because retrospective data was sent by a new laboratory conducting the analysis, Sciensano added.

Wallonia now has 3,187 cases, 29% of the national total, which was estimated at 10,836 on Sunday. A provincial breakdown showed Liège was the worst affected province, with 1,219 infections detected, followed by Hainaut, 1,166 infections, Walloon Brabant, 324, Namur, 268, and the province of Luxembourg, 210.

In the north of the country, Antwerp is the province with the highest caseload, 1,461, followed by Limburg, 1,355. Western Flanders had 1,234 infections, Flemish Brabant, 1,190, and Eastern Flanders 1,141.

Brussels had 1,065 confirmed cases.

However, these figures do not reflect the exact number of people infected since not everyone is tested.

The novel Coronavirus has proved fatal to 431 persons in Belgium, including 78 whose deaths were confirmed on Saturday. Another 4,138 persons have been hospitalised, 867 of them in intensive care.

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