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Coronavirus: Dutch PM to discuss measures with Flemish MP

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Flemish Minister-President Jan Jambon and the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte, are scheduled to discuss measures concerning the new coronavirus (Covid-19) on Monday.

One month ago, the borders between Belgium and the Netherlands closed to all non-essential travel after warnings by provincial governors of the presence of Dutch or German nationals despite the lockdown, or of Belgians taking advantage of the relatively milder confinement measures in the neighbouring countries.

Jambon and Rutte will discuss the issue of border relations. They could also take a more in-depth look at the situation, and at measures and good practices implemented in the two countries, Jambon’s spokesperson said.

Asked whether they could also discuss a harmonisation of measures, Jambon said that this would involve an examination of the infection curve of the virus in each country. “If we’re not in the same phase, it would be logical to take different measures,” he said, in an interview with Radio 1.

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