Belgian sun: Highs of 27°C this week

Belgian sun: Highs of 27°C this week
Ice cream might be a wise choice. Credit: Pixabay

Temperatures will once again pass the twenty-degree mark on Monday afternoon, kicking off a week of high temperatures across Belgium.

Despite some possible clouds in the Ardennes, sunny weather should hold throughout the week with temperatures climbing to 27°C on Thursday, according to the latest forecast from the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI).

Over the evening from Monday to Tuesday, skies will generally remain clear, with lows of 4°C in the Hautes Fagnes and 10°C by the sea.

By Tuesday, the weather will once again be sunny with mostly clear skies. Temperatures will reach 24°C in the centre before dropping between 7°C and 12°C in the evening.

Temperatures will continue to rise on Wednesday, hitting 25°C in the centre and 19°C on the coast.

On Thursday, temperatures will reach highs of 27°C in the centre and 22°C in the Haute Ardenne and on the coast.

To wrap it all up, however, a storm could be possible during the evening and during the night from Thursday to Friday.

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