Calm Ascension weekend on the Belgian Coast

Calm Ascension weekend on the Belgian Coast
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The Ascension weekend has been extremely calm on the Belgian Coast despite the relaxation of stay-at-home rules.

With the mixed weather and strong wind, holidaymakers have not flocked to the beaches or shopping streets of seaside resorts, and social-distancing enforcers have had little work. “We are satisfied,” was the word from many police zones.

The Coast has thus not seen any major influx even though stores have been able to reopen, owners of secondary homes were authorised to return, and police were no longer really tracking non-essential travel.

“It’s always a bit busier on a long weekend, but we are satisfied,” said Ine Deburchgraeve of the Westkust police zone. “There have been a few incidents at most. We also noticed that a few people crossed the border to buy tobacco products although they know it’s prohibited.”

“A small group of young people from Mons also came to the Coast to have fries and take a walk. Our officers were also insulted by two youths at a tram stop because they felt they didn’t have to wear masks in the tram.”

The situation was also calm in Blankenberge, where a few Walloon day tourists were, however, sent back after coming off the train on Thursday. The strong wind there did not encourage walks on the seawall or in the shopping streets.

There were identical reports from the police in Ostend and Damme/Knokke-Heist: very calm, few people and only a few tickets issued.

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