Survey shows increased non-compliance with Belgian containment measures

Survey shows increased non-compliance with Belgian containment measures
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The number of people who don't comply with social distancing and containment measures has increased, according to the preliminary results of a survey published on Thursday.

The survey was carried out by public health institute Sciensano and was the second of its kind. The institute is launching its third survey on Thursday and is asking for Belgians of 18 years and older to participate.

There was an increase in people saying they did not strictly comply with social distancing measures (from 10 to 12%) or with containment measures (from 5 to 7%) in place to curb the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

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There was no change in the percentage of people who said they did not comply with hygiene measures (14%).

More than half (53%) of those who didn't strictly follow the measures said that they were cautious and that it should therefore not be a problem. Nearly one in four reported they didn't comply because they weren't part of a risk group. 

Young people and men are significantly more likely not to comply strictly with the various measures.

Over 40,000 people have taken part in Sciensano's surveys. You can participate in the survey by clicking here.

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