Coronavirus: another 30 infections in Mechelen nursing home

Coronavirus: another 30 infections in Mechelen nursing home
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Another 30 people have tested positive for the new coronavirus (Covid-19) in the Milsenhof nursing home in Mechelen, where 41 cases of the virus had been detected a week ago.

The new cases, 21 residents and nine staff members, are all asymptomatic.

Thirty-three residents and eight members of staff were found to be infected with Covid-19 last weekend following a previous round of testing. The 85 residents and 48 employees who had tested negative at that time were retested on Thursday.

The institution’s cohort service, a separate service specifically set up to treat Covid-19 patients, will be extended, according to Milsenhof Director Danny Coremans.

“Another four residents were infected during the week,” Coremans said. “A total of 58 positive residents in two different services are now being taken care of by staff. Five of them have been hospitalised.”

Everyone who has tested negative so far will be retested on Wednesday, according to Coremans. “We want to be fast, detect any infection and take action before people really fall ill,” he stressed.

No visits are allowed for the moment. The city of Mechelen has provided three tablets for the residents to enable them to be in contact with their loved ones.

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