Shopping in pairs already has positive effect on sales in Belgium

Shopping in pairs already has positive effect on sales in Belgium
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The National Security Council’s (NSC) decision to relax the rule of individual shopping has immediately benefited sales, Mode Unie reports on Tuesday.

As of Monday, people can go shopping in pairs, the NSC decided on Thursday, adding that a time limit would also be removed.

“From a survey of independent fashion retailers, we can conclude that this relaxation has an immediate effect on sales,” said Isolde Delanghe, Director of Mode Unie. “We can see that the safe conditions in independent fashion shops give confidence to shoppers and that shopping in pairs removes a large threshold.”

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The first three weeks of sales proved, according to Mode Unie, that individual shopping had a particularly negative effect on the fashion sector. Consumers were scared to go to cities and shops because of the negative news from the authorities.

Combining that with the obligation to shop alone, the ‘fun factor’ disappeared completely and consumers did not feel like shopping during the sales, according to Mode Unie.

“After the particularly difficult first three weeks of sales, we expect this to be the starting signal for boosting sales in this last week,” Delanghe said.

Mode Unie called on consumers to support their independent fashion retailer and to buy locally now more than ever.

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