76 guests infected with Covid-19 following French wedding

76 guests infected with Covid-19 following French wedding
Credit: Jason Hutchens (CC BY 2.0)

A wedding in France has left 76 guests infected with Covid-19 despite 0rganisers and officials say that the event was in accordance with safety measures.

The wedding hosted 250 guests and took place on 8 August on the edge of the city Le Mans, 220 km south-west of Paris. The outdoor-event followed all local safety measures, according to one municipal official.

It must be noted that mouth masks did not become obligatory in the region until 22 August. People organising large events such as weddings have been told to be cautious, but no further limitations were implemented locally.

15 days later, 76 attendees were confirmed to have contracted the virus. The average incubation time for Covid-19 varies between 5 and 14 days. It is unclear how severe the cases are, and whether the newly-wed couple has become infected as well.

Inviting 250 guests to your wedding seems like a distant dream for Belgian wedding organisers, who were “furious” following the last National Security Council on 21 August. The Council decided to relax measures for the funeral sector, allowing up to 50 people to mourn their beloved after the burial. The wedding sector was left unmentioned.

As of 29 July, only ten people are allowed to attend wedding receptions. Spokesperson for the Federation for Professional Wedding Vendors (HL Belgium) Cynthia De Clercq said these developments have left the Belgian wedding sector without an income until 2021.

Amée Zoutberg
The Brussels Times

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