Young wolf escapes from Pairi Daiza zoo for a night

Young wolf escapes from Pairi Daiza zoo for a night
Credit: Belga

A wolf that escaped from Pairi Daiza (a zoo in the province of Hainaut) during the night was recovered this morning by her caretakers near the animal park and returned to the wolf territory.

The 3-year-old had escaped through a small opening in a piece of supporting wall.

"The young wolf's short escape ended good and well near the park,” Pairi Daiza said in a press release. “The wolf is in excellent health.”

Yesterday evening, Pairi Daiza's teams found that a young female wolf was leaving her territory towards an area of the park that is not open to the public. A technical problem turned out to be the cause: a piece of retaining wall under water had been worn down by erosion from the Dender.”

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The break, fifteen centimetres wide, was immediately repaired by technical teams, according to Pairi Daiza. The management informed the local police and the authorities.

The European female wolf spent the night in a bush a few hundred metres from the territory with her peers. This morning, the animal moved to an open field next to the park, where she could be recovered by her caretakers.

“In order to guarantee the safety of the animal, the teams operated in the greatest calm to ensure its rapid return to the pack at Pairi Daiza," said the staff members.

This is the first time that a predator has managed to escape from Pairi Daiza. In addition to three European wolves, another territory is home to a pack of nine Canadian wolves, said spokesman Mathieu Goedefroy.

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