Belgium experiences warmest 14 September in recorded history

Belgium experiences warmest 14 September in recorded history
Credit: Belga

With a temperature of 30.2°C in the Uccle measurement station, Belgium is experiencing the warmest 14 September in the country since the start of the measurements.

Never before has a tropical day been recorded so late in the year, announced David Denehauw, the head of the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI), on Twitter.

“And that record may be raised again tomorrow, given the expectations,” he said. “The previous record of the latest 30 degrees was on 13 September 2016.”

The record will likely be broken again tomorrow, as the RMI forecasts a temperature of 31°C on Tuesday.

Despite the two tropical days, the heat will likely not develop into a new heatwave, according to the RMI. A heatwave requires five consecutive days with a maximum temperature of at least 25 degrees, three of which are over 30 degrees.

The day after tomorrow, however, the temperature is expected to drop to 25 degrees, and approximately 21 degrees on Thursday and the rest of the week.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times

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