Carrefour sells its very last single-use grocery bag

Carrefour sells its very last single-use grocery bag
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Supermarket chain Carrefour will no longer sell plastic bags at the checkout after the last of the stocks were sold out

While the decision to no longer sell them was taken some time ago, today marks the point that the last of the bags have been sold, according to the Supermarket. There will still be a range of durable bags available, the company said on Tuesday.

By no longer selling the disposable plastic bags - which were sold at the cash register for 10 cents - Carrefour claims it will reduce the use of plastic by 703 tons. Instead,  a range of reusable bags made of recycled and recyclable materials will be available.

Furthermore, Carrefour encourages customers to bring their own boxes to the catering counter, cheese department, butcher and fish department. The retailer encourages its customers to use their own shopping bags for packing groceries at the checkout or packing bulk items such as fruit and vegetables.

Since the end of 2019, retailers are no longer allowed to give free plastic bags to their customers at the checkout. The Flemish government wants to reduce the amount of waste in this way. Meanwhile, other supermarket chains have already abolished plastic bags that were offered against payment.

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