Belgium: Average income was 18,768 euros in 2018

Belgium: Average income was 18,768 euros in 2018
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The average taxable income in Belgium was 18,768 euros in 2018, the national statistical office, Statbel, reported on Monday, based on tax returns filed in 2019 for the previous year.

Average incomes were highest in Flanders – 20,125 euros – followed by Wallonia (17,672) and Brussels (14,668).

The most prosperous provinces, judging from their average incomes, were Flemish Brabant (21,963 euros) and Walloon Brabant (21,576).

At the other end of the scale, the averages for Hainaut and Brussels-Capital region were 16,360 euros and 14,668 euros respectively.

The communes with the highest average incomes were Laethem-St-Martin (30,439 euros), Keerbergen (28,222) and Lasne (27,780). Those with the lowest incomes were Anderlecht (11,786 euros), Molenbeek (10,643) and Saint-Josse-ten-Noode (9,461).

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