'Second wave is worse than the first,' says UZ Leuven head doctor

'Second wave is worse than the first,' says UZ Leuven head doctor
Credit: Belga

The second wave of coronavirus infections that Belgium is going through at the moment is worse than the first, according to Gert Van Assche, head doctor at University Hospital (UZ) Leuven.

"We are now receiving many more patients from other regions than in March and April," Van Assche told VRT. "I am enormously grateful to our staff for their hard work."

In the meantime, just like the other hospitals in Belgium, the UZ Leuven has switched to phase 2B, the final phase of a nationwide coronavirus hospital response plan.

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On Monday, UZ Leuven had 48 Covid-19 patients in their intensive care units, compared to about 50 during the peak in April.

"We expect an increase in the number of patients. We are very concerned because the bend [in the curve] will not come for another two weeks," said Van Assche.

He is satisfied with the new government measures that de facto herald a new lockdown. "Reality showed that stricter rules were clearly needed."

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