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Camera footage of jogger who stabbed dog leads to tips

The street in Waasmunster where a jogger stabbed a dog. Credit: Google Maps

Local police have received leads on a jogger who stabbed a dog in Waasmunster (in the province of East Flanders) on Saturday, after sharing camera images.

The jogger stabbed the dog, Dribbel, when his owners took him out for a walk. Dribbel ran alongside the jogger, after which the man stabbed the dog and kept running.

Dribbel died on the spot, Het Nieuwsblad reports. A veterinarian’s help was to no avail, according to VRT.

The local police zone then spread images of the suspect, which have reportedly generated several leads which are currently being investigated.

The perpetrator is at risk of a €16,000 fine, according to Animal Welfare Minister Ben Weyts, or up to €100,000 if it’s not the first time he committed such a crime, VRT also reported.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times