Coronavirus: Prime Minister advises Belgians not to go skiing

Coronavirus: Prime Minister advises Belgians not to go skiing
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Prime Minister Alexander De Croo on Friday warned Belgians against pursuing winter sports so as to avoid further spreading the coronavirus.

“You don’t need to be a virologist to know that the holidays come with a big risk,” the head of the federal government said at a press conference. He recalled that the first COVID-19 cases in the country had been detected in February, as holidaymakers returned to Belgium.

Similar messages have been issued by other personalities as the year draws to an end, the traditional end-of-year festivals approach and people look forward to the prospect of reuniting with friends and family.

Illustrating the government’s communication at Friday’s press conference, Flemish caricaturist Lectrr sketched three curves representing the waves of the epidemic, while the last was shaped like a Christmas tree.

"The last thing we want is a third wave of infections at Christmas,” Mr. Croo said. “At Christmas, the virus will still be there and very few people will have been vaccinated, so one needs to be careful. I, too, would like to be able to meet more people but I shall spend the holidays with the people who live under my roof.”

A consultative committee comprising representatives of the federal government and the federated entities will meet on Friday. It is expected to provide more clarity on measures to be implemented in the next few weeks.

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