Bpost takes extra measures to deliver all packages at home

Bpost takes extra measures to deliver all packages at home
Credit: Bpost

The Belgian postal service Bpost is taking extra measures to make sure that it can deliver all packages to the home address of its clients after all, the company announced on Monday.

Even though the company announced on Friday that it would no longer be able to deliver all packages to the clients' home address due to the increased demand, Bpost announced that it would take extra measures to get through the busy period in a more customer-friendly way.

On Monday, the company hired 3,000 extra workers to help with the deliveries, it said in a press release. If necessary, even more people will be recruited with a focus on Saturday deliveries.

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Bpost took the measure at the request of Federal Minister for Public Enterprises Petra De Sutter, who stated in a press message that she was pleased that the company had listened to the "justified concerns" of the people, and that mail carriers will get extra colleagues.

While only 5% of clients would have to pick up their packages from the post office or the nearest pick-up point, Bpost has now stated that they will still deliver the package at home if no one has come to collect it after five working days.

"These are exceptional times when parcel records are broken every day," said Jean-Paul Van Avermaet, CEO of Bpost. "However, citizens can continue to count on the 30,000 enthusiastic Bpost employees who make sure that all parcels are delivered before the holidays."

Maïthé Chini

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