New: a free personal digital document safe for everyone

New: a free personal digital document safe for everyone
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The Federation of Notaries (Fednot) has announced the launch of IZIMI, a personal digital safe for the storage of up to 200 Mb of important documents.

The service, which is free, will launch officially in January, but it is already possible to open an account at the IZIMI website.

The procedure is simple: log in with an eID card or itsme, fill in a few personal details and wait for a confirmation email. From then on, simply upload digital documents or scans of paper documents to your ‘vault’ and you can consult them or share them with others as you wish, in a way that’s safer than conventional email.

The vault is much more than a digital platform for the safe storage of important documents,” said Philippe Bosseler, president of Fednot. “It is also a way of securely sharing personal information with individuals of your choice.”

In its operation, the service is no different from many other online services like Dropbox, but this one comes with a guarantee of safety and confidentiality from the notary federation.

That guarantee is based on extensive testing to meet the highest standards, the federation said. They also promise any data stored in IZIMI will not be passed on to third parties for commercial purposes.

This is possible because Fednot has already invested a lot in the development of super-secure digital networks in recent years,” said director-general Jan Sap. "The communications between a notary and the citizen are usually highly personal and privacy-sensitive.”

The vault also provides a solution to the problems faced by surviving relatives on the account-holder’s death.

After a death, the heirs do not have to search for all the important papers,” the federation said. “Unless the holder of the safe has decided otherwise, the notary can ensure that the contents are transferred to the heirs.”

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