Belgian insurers registered over 330,000 road accidents in 2019

Belgian insurers registered over 330,000 road accidents in 2019
Credit: Belga

Belgian insurers registered 331,516 road accidents in 2019, an average daily rate of 908, according to the annual barometer of Assuralia, the professional union of insurance companies.

These statistics, reported in Sudpresse newspapers on Saturday, cover personal and non-personal accidents, serious accidents and crashes. They could represent a slight underestimate since some less serious accidents are resolved amicably, according to Assuralia Spokesman Wauthier Robyns.

Still, the number of accidents has decreased since 2010, when 380,000 were registered. The number of vehicles in Belgium has also gone down and is now 5.2 million as against 5.8 million in 2019.

In 31% of cases, the accidents occurred when one vehicle hit into another that was parked or had stopped. A quarter were caused by a vehicle slamming into the back of the preceding one, while 19% were caused by drivers while vehicles were being manoeuvred.

Last year, there were 166 accidents requiring insurance companies to pay out more than 500,000 euros.

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