Coronavirus: Animal rights organisation welcomes fireworks ban

Coronavirus: Animal rights organisation welcomes fireworks ban
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Animal rights organisation GAIA has welcomed the ban on fireworks announced on Friday by Belgium’s Consultative Committee.

“It will help save animals from a great deal of suffering,” GAIA President Michel Vandenbosch said. “We hope it will set a precedent for the years to come.”

GAIA underlined that setting off fireworks causes animals to panic. “Stressed and confused, animals sometimes flee far from the flashes of light and sound,” Vandenbosch said. “Each year, more animals are lost or injured. Or, worse yet, they die.”

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As a result, the nationwide ban on fireworks on New Year’s Eve is seen as a “blessing” by the animal rights group.

GAIA also recalled that it had made its first official demonstration of low-noise fireworks two years ago.

“In the meantime, many communes have opted for this alternative, which is more animal-friendly,” Vandenbosch said.

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