Coronavirus: Hundreds protest against curfew in Liège

Coronavirus: Hundreds protest against curfew in Liège
Credit: Belga

Hundreds of protesters demonstrated in Liège on Saturday night against the curfew instituted by the government.

The demonstrators gathered around 9:00 PM at the Place Saint-Lambert before moving through the streets of the city in the direction of the Outremeuse neighbourhood a little before 10:00 PM, expressing their dissatisfaction with the handling of the health crisis with the aid of smoke bombs, firecrackers, slogans and placards.

In a statement to the press just before the start of the gathering, the organisers charged that, “for almost a year now, the authorities have demonstrated that they are ill prepared and lack the will to fight the virus.”

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They cited failure to employ more health workers, invest in the health sector, and provide sufficient support for struggling small businesses, among other things, as evidence of this.

There was no immediate police estimate of the size of the crowd, although, according to law enforcers, there were far more protesters than during a first demonstration, held on 17 November.

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