Steven Van Gucht wins prize for clear language

Steven Van Gucht wins prize for clear language
Prof. Steven Van Gucht of Sciensano © Belga

Virologist Steven Van Gucht is this year’s winner of a prize honouring people who stood out for their use of clear and unambiguous language.

The Sciensano spokesperson caught the attention of Wablieft, the Centre for Clear Language, for his explanations about the coronavirus crisis. Van Gucht speaks at the National Crisis Centre’s press conference on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and often gives interviews to further explain certain aspects of the crisis and its evolution.

“Steven Van Gucht always communicates easily, without losing nuance. His voice and face radiate confidence,” according to Wablieft.

“Van Gucht always remains understanding and calm,” Wablieft continued. “He gives the feeling that together we can overcome this virus.”

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“Corona has a huge impact on our daily lives and our society. Clear communication is needed. It can even save lives,” the centre concluded.

Van Gucht said he was honoured to receive the prize, calling it “a nice appreciation” for his work of the past months.

Jason Spinks
The Brussels Times

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