No white Christmas, but could Belgium see snow on New Year's?

No white Christmas, but could Belgium see snow on New Year's?
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It has been ten years since Belgium had a white Christmas, and we should not expect one this year either, according to weather reporter Frank Deboosere.

With temperatures of 12 to 13 degrees Celsius, the last few days have been very mild for December, and it will remain so until Wednesday.

On Thursday, the temperatures will take a dive, but with highs estimated at 6 to 7 degrees, there is no chance of a white Christmas this year, according to Deboosere.

"That should not surprise us," he told Het Nieuwsblad. "A green Christmas is absolutely the rule for Flanders. It has been ten years since we had a white Christmas."

On Christmas Day in 2010, the roads were covered in over 10 centimetres of snow, and people could barely get out of their homes, according to him.

"Too bad that will not be the case this year," Deboosere said. "I am sure that would have discouraged people from seeking each other's company during these Covid times."

There is a small chance it could snow on New Year's Eve, but it is still "a little too early" to make any kind of meaningful predictions, according to him.

"The fact is that there is a colder period coming up, and if there happens to be precipitation on New Year's Eve, there is a chance it could be snow," he said.

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