2020 was Belgium’s hottest year ever

2020 was Belgium’s hottest year ever
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The average temperature recorded in Uccle for 2020 was 12.2°C, an absolute record high since records began in 1833, according to the annual report of the Royal Meteorological Institute, RMI.

It was also the first time the average had risen above 12°C, according to the RMI, which said the norm was 10.6°C. The averages were above the norm for all months except July.

The lowest temperature was recorded in Elsenborn (Bütgenbach) on 23 January, when the barometer fell to -9.2°C. This marked the first time since 1954 that the average had fallen below 10°C.

At the other end of the scale, the highest temperature – 38.2°C - was registered on 31 July in Hérinnes (Pecq).

Snow fell on just two days in Uccle, making 2020 one of four years with the least annual snowfall since measurements began. On the heights, up to 34 cm of snow fell on the Mont-Rigi (Waimes) on 28 February.

The year was also very sunny, especially in the first quarter. In Spring, the total amount of sun time registered in Uccle was 740 hours and 46 minutes, which was way above the average of 463.58 hours.

There were 1,838 hours and 40 minutes of sun throughout the year – the average is 1544 hours and 35 minutes – making 2020 the year with the fourth-most sun since 1981.

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