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Nearly 120,000 fewer new cars registered in Belgium in 2020

Credit: Belga

Nearly 120,000 fewer new cars (21.55%) were registered in Belgium in 2020 than in 2019, according to figures by Belgian Automobile & Cycle Federation Febiac on Monday.

In 2020, 431,491 new cars were registered in Belgium, which is a significant drop of 21.55% compared to 2019, when 550,003 new cars were registered.

The favourite brand of the new car owners was Volkswagen (of which 39,861 cars were registered, which is 25% fewer than in 2019), followed by BMW (36,381, -0.7%), Peugeot (33,551, -22%), Renault (31,895, -34%) and Mercedes (31,758, -16%).

The drop in the number of registrations of new light commercial vehicles (up to 3.5 tonnes) was 12.2%, with 71,312 new vehicles of this type on the roads.

The decrease for vans up to 16 tonnes was 19.18%, with 1,391 new registrations. For those over 16 tonnes, it was 37.43%, with 6,125 new registrations.

The most significant decrease was in bus registrations, with only 787 new registrations, 40% less than the previous year.

By contrast, registrations of scooters and motorbikes increased slightly, by 1.92% (29,090) and 3.52% (25,807) respectively.

The Brussels Times