Fire in Bozar, cause unknown

Fire in Bozar, cause unknown
Credit: Niamh Moroney

A fire has broken out on the roof of the Bozar building in Central Brussels, according to official sources.

This was first reported by eyewitnesses but confirmed by spokesperson for the Brussels fire brigade Walter Derieuw, after services arrived on the scene.

Large plumes of smoke have been seen at the centre earlier in the afternoon, which prompted fire services to be called to the scene, Derieuw confirmed earlier to The Brussels Times.

“We were called in by people who saw a lot of smoke coming from the roof of the building,” Derieuw explained.

The fire did not spread beyond the roof, and no casualties were reported.

With six fire engines and four ladders, the fire brigade managed to contain the fire at around 7:00 PM, even though the flames had not been completely extinguished yet. One firefighter was brought to hospital due to serious illness, according to Derieuw.

Around 8:30 PM, a last hot spot was left to extinguish, according to the fire department.

“Later in the evening, a specialised private firm will cover the roof, and remove the water from the museum,” Derieuw said.

According to the director of Bozar, no works were damaged. However, this still has to be confirmed in the light of day, and after a full inventory.

Update: This story was updated to reflect the most up-to-date situation.

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