The 6 'essential' exceptions to Belgium's latest travel ban

The 6 'essential' exceptions to Belgium's latest travel ban
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Belgium will prohibit non-essential travel from 27 January to 1 March, according to the latest measures from Belgium's Consultative Committee.

These measures, however, stop short of an all border closure or travel ban - meaning travel will be allowed under six specific cases considered essential.

They are:

  • Business trips.
  • Cross-border commuters will still be allowed to cross the border for activities that are also allowed in Belgium without going through the quarantine, but for a period of up to 48 hours.
  • Humanitarian reasons: assistance to an elderly, minor or vulnerable person or a person with a disability, visiting relatives in palliative care, and relocations for medical reasons and continuation of medical treatment.
  • Travelling for studies: travel of pupils, students and trainees on exchange within the framework of their studies, as well as researchers with a hosting agreement.
  • Compelling family reasons: family reunification, visits to a spouse or partner who does not live under the same roof (if plausible evidence of a stable and lasting relationship can be provided), trips for co-parenting, civil and religious weddings, funerals or cremations (of relatives or next of kin).
  • Various: care for animals, journeys within the framework of legal obligations (if they cannot be made digitally), urgent repairs within the framework of the safety of a vehicle and moving house.

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