Police to enforce Belgium's new ban on non-essential travel

Police to enforce Belgium's new ban on non-essential travel
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While continuous surveillance of Belgium’s borders is impossible, the police will endeavour to enforce the ban on non-essential travel issued on Friday by the Consultative Committee, according to Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden.

“We are relying on the understanding of citizens that these measures are necessary,” Ms. Verlinden said on VTM Nieuws.

Non-essential travel is banned until the 1st of March, both for people wishing to go abroad and for foreign residents planning to come to Belgium. According to the Minister, police will be conducting verifications under an action plan to be launched on Saturday.

Violators could be fined, Ms. Verlinden said, explaining that the fines would be in line with those being imposed under the current measures against the novel Coronavirus.

Students attending schools on the other side of the border and cross-border workers are allowed to travel. Ordinary family visits across the border are not authorised, but people can cross over to attend marriages or funerals.

Travellers need to have a written statement of honour. “Police can check whether the statement corresponds to reality,” Minister Verlinden said, adding that skis strapped to the roof of a vehicle, for example, would raise the suspicions of the police.

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