Tattoo artists disappointed at having to reopen after hairdressers

Tattoo artists disappointed at having to reopen after hairdressers
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Tattoo artists and piercers had mixed reactions to Friday’s decision by the Consultative Committee to allow most non-medical contact professions to resume operations from 1 March, whereas hairdressers will already be authorised to reopen from 13 February.

“We finally have a date set for reopening,” said Gwenaëlle Reaume, secretary of the Tatouage Belgique non-profit association, "but, logically, we should have been allowed to open before hairdressers, since our profession requires us to have basic hygiene training.”

The non-medical contact professions will be obliged to comply with very strict conditions. Customers will need to make appointments and wait outside the salon. There must be a 10-minute gap between appointments to give time for cleaning and disinfecting. Salons must be ventilated, and home visits remain banned, the Consultative Committee announced.

The tattoo artists said they were satisfied by the measures, especially since they only have to ventilate their premises between two customers rather than being required to keep their doors and windows open all the time, as had been proposed initially.

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