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Police break up several lockdown parties in Antwerp

Credit: Belga

This weekend, local police in Antwerp broke up many parties and gatherings held, despite a ban aimed at curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

One person was arrested for attempting to prevent police from carrying out a raid and inciting others to do so, police sources reported on Sunday.

On Friday evening, police had also broken up four gatherings or parties.

In the first of Saturday night’s incidents, police officers reacting to a noise complaint at about 2:00 AM went to the home in question and found six people there.

A little later, they broke up a gathering attended by eight people.

This was followed by a party, at which dancing guests could be seen from the street. At first, the owner of the home refused to allow the police in, while many people fled.

When they finally entered the home, the police found seven people there. Another four were later found hiding in the garage. Police found laughing gas, checked the identity of each person present, and wrote up a formal report.

Two other prohibited gatherings were uncovered during the course of the night. In one of these incidents, a person who tried to block the police raid and incite others to oppose it, was arrested.

The Brussels Times