Hairdressers in Belgium reopen

Hairdressers in Belgium reopen
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Trims, brushings and hair colouring will once again become the daily routine for Belgian hairdressers from this Saturday.

Closed for several months as part of the government’s coronavirus measures, hairdressers are reopening their doors one day before Valentine’s.

Wearing a facemask, hairdressers can now receive clients, impatient to take advantage of the moment to take care of their hair.

According to a recent lockdown survey by Antwerp University, 58% of Belgians let their hair grow in the past two months, with women (73%) more than men (40%). Around 42% cut their hair by themselves or left it to someone in the household to do, while 2% admitted to having used a professional hairdresser during these times.

Making an appointment is mandatory. Only people requiring assistance and children under 13 can be accompanied, and home services remain prohibited.

Clients must also wait for their turn outside the establishment, which must be adequately ventilated, for example by opening windows and doors.

For now, only hair care is allowed at hairdressers. Any service that would require clients to have to remove their masks, such as a beard trim will have to wait until 1 March.

Hairdressing is the only non-medical contact profession authorized to reopen this Saturday in Belgium.

On Friday, Belgium’s interfederal spokesperson for the fight against Covid-19, Yves Van Laethem, estimated that the reopening of hairdressers would lead to one million additional close contacts per week in the country.

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