Four roommates fined for violating coronavirus measures in Ghent
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Four roommates fined for violating coronavirus measures in Ghent

Credit: Belga

Four students who live together as roommates in Ghent were fined by police for violating coronavirus measures after they were witnessed standing together on their balcony at night while listening to music.

The roommates were fined €250, and at least one of their parents is upset.

“Those four students all live together in one room. They eat together, study together. But apparently that is not allowed because their official addresses are not in Ghent,” Gert de Cooman, one of the students’ parents, told VRT.


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Ghent police confirmed the issuance of a fine in regards to violating coronavirus measures, and VRT also learned of an additional citation for violating rules regarding noise at night.

“They were on a balcony around midnight, there was a little music playing and there must have been a little bit of noise,” said de Cooman.

But he thinks that police were nitpicking regarding the coronavirus measures, and doesn’t see the virus-related threat posed by students quarantining together as roommates even though their official addresses are outside their school’s town.

“It’s a bit of a pity. My daughter hasn’t been coming home since September. A lot is taken from them if they can’t get together in Ghent either.”

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times