Brussels organisations get help with corona-proofing from Flanders
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Brussels organisations get help with corona-proofing from Flanders

Credit: Belga

Last summer’s call for projects centered around helping Brussels organisations corona-proof themselves has resulted in the disbursement of €750,000 from the Flemish government.

Brussels was hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic, and the new aid is meant to help cover the recent costs incurred by various organisations in the capital when it comes to staying open while keeping both the employees and the clientele they serve safe.

“Many organisations have had to thoroughly adjust or shut down the operation. Making their operations corona-proof requires a lot of effort from them. Through these subsidies, the Flemish government wants to give the Brussels organisations a boost in these difficult times,” the Flemish minister of Brussels, Benjamin Dalle, told Bruzz.


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One of those organisations was the La Passerelle/De Brug district health center in Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, which received a little over €25,000 to put towards purchasing materials and equipment to promote telephone and virtual communication between patients and medical providers.

The 51 projects selected involve investing in hygienic facilities, purchasing work materials, digitising services formally done in person, or creating extra publicly-accessible indoor and outdoor space.

The maximum amount of money an organisation could request from the Flemish Brussels Fund was €30,000.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times