Reopening for Brussels adventure park uncertain after another arson
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Reopening for Brussels adventure park uncertain after another arson

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After five arsons in ten years, the latest of which happened over the weekend, an adventure park in Brussels is uncertain it will be able to reopen as planned when coronavirus measures allow.

The Sortilège – or The Enchantment Adventure Park – in the Neder-Over-Heembeek neighbourhood was already struggling as a result of the pandemic, and the fire over the weekend caused an estimated €60,000 in damages.

“It was already a bad year due to corona. We are going to do everything we can, but whether we can continue with it, I don’t know yet,” site manager Vincent Dallemagne told Bruzz.


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The fire was started in the reception area, destroying costumes and equipment used for the medieval themed park.

It’s not the first time the adventure park has been struck by arson.

“It’s the fifth time in ten years, but this is the worst,” Dallemagne said. “The park is not closed, it is an open space. In the evening, people come here to smoke a joint or drink a bottle. I have no objection to people that come here to have fun, but there are always a few who go too far.”

An Instagram post for the park advertises its closure and planned reopening for 10 April. Photos of the fire were posted on their Facebook page.

It’s unlikely that the people who started the fire will be caught. There are no surveillance cameras nearby and while police interviewed neighbors, the area of the fire is about 60 meters from the street and forested.

The plan was for the park to reopen in April, but now that seems unlikely.

“We no longer have rooms to receive our employees and visitors. There isn’t even electricity or water,” said Dallemagne.

Next week he plans to sit down with the mayor of Brussels to see whether the city can offer any kind of assistance.

The park is featured on, where it is described as a great adventure game set in the middle of nature, in the beautiful and unspoilt Brussels countryside.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times