Company behind potentially toxic face masks says others have similar ingredients
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Company behind potentially toxic face masks says others have similar ingredients

The company that made the cloth face masks distributed by the Belgian government last summer has responded to the allegations that their product contains toxic nanoparticles by saying they’re “surprised that all other fabric masks on the market are not affected by this notice.”

They say that other cloth masks on the market “contain the same components” and “logically, the health authorities should also recommend stopping the marketing of these products in Belgium as a precaution, and undoubtedly also warn their counterparts in all member countries of the European Union.”

The company said their masks “scrupulously respect all national and European regulations and the competent authorities had moreover given their approval for the distribution last June.”

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Avrox insists there is currently “no evidence” that their masks “release nanoparticles under certain conditions, nor that if they did, that this could cause health problems.”

They said they intend to offer full collaboration in the study that will be carried out “if necessary,” according to 7S7.

Avrox, which is based in Luxembourg but manufactured its masks in Asia, sold 15 million of them to the Belgian government to be distributed to people throughout the country via pharmacies.

After a study by Sciensano revealed that the masks contain nanoparticles of silver and titanium dioxide that when inhaled could damage the respiratory tract, Belgium’s Minister of Health called on people to stop using and distributing them “pending further investigation.”

The purchase of the masks themselves, which involved a €40 million agreement, is also being investigated for potential fraud because two of the people involved are said to personally know each other very well.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times