Living in Brussels? Deliveroo will offer Carrefour groceries

Living in Brussels? Deliveroo will offer Carrefour groceries
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The supermarket chain Carrefour has partnered with Deliveroo to deliver groceries to residents of Brussels, starting this weekend.

The grocery story will be appearing on the Deliveroo app, showing users a choice of almost 1,200 products from the store with the promise of a 30 minute delivery.

For now the service is only available in the Belgian capital, but Carrefour intends to extend coverage to Antwerp, Ghent, and Liège at the end of March.

The two companies say that they’ll consider expanding the service to other cities in Belgium if it proves popular.

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The food delivery service Deliveroo (along with Uber Eats) was recently found not guilty of unfair practices after an investigation by the federal economy ministry.

The investigation by economic inspectors was based on complaints last summer, when about 60 restaurants launched the #SaveMyResto campaign, complaining that the two services were charging restaurants 30-35% on each order at a time when the restaurants were suffering from coronavirus measures.

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The Brussels Times

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