Police warn travellers about groper on Brussels public transit

Police warn travellers about groper on Brussels public transit

Police have put out a call warning travellers on Brussels public transit to beware of a man repeatedly sexually assaulting young women.

The man, often wearing a checkered shirt, has assaulted young women at least 15 times in the last three years. He looks for victims using public transit in the Brussels region, or on buses heading in the direction of Brussels.

Who recognises this individual or who has been the victim of the man who gropes young women on public transport?

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The man has often chosen minors for his victims, sitting beside them even when there are empty seats elsewhere and then placing his jacket over the victim’s lap in order to assault them. He has been seen at the Sacré-Coeur stop and the Simonis stop.

When confronted, the man remains calm, gives an excuse, and denies having done anything.

Police say the man is between 40 and 45 years old, short in stature (about 1.60 metres) and lean in build. He is balding with short dark hair and speaks French.

The police are asking other victims to contact them, promising discretion.

Helen Lyons

The Brussels Times

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