Parade of drivers honking horns protests mobility policy in Brussels

Parade of drivers honking horns protests mobility policy in Brussels
Credit: Belga

Hundreds of motorists gathered around Brussel-Noord station this morning to honk their horns and process in protest of the Belgian capital’s mobility policy, which they say makes owning and using a vehicle in Brussels nearly impossible.

Around 150 taxis, 80 motorcycles, and 50 drivers in cars participated, causing traffic problems on the inner beltway, or Little Ring, this morning.

The procession drove towards Botanique and Madou, then to Boulevard du Régent, where the office of Brussels minister-president Rudi Vervoort is situated. They intend to demand a meeting with Mobility Minister Elke Van den Brandt.

They have multiple complaints, including the wider implementation of the Zone 30, which lowered the speed limit on Brussels roads.

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Motorcyclists say they experience stability difficulties when driving below 30 kilometres an hour, as the new law requires. They also have complaints about road conditions, including the prevalence of potholes, which are particularly dangerous for motorcycles.

Taxi drivers have complaints regarding policy that affects their work, including competition from foreign ride-share services like the American tech company Uber. Uber drivers have complaints as well, namely regarding the city’s continual push to ban them from operating in the capital.

Finally, regular motorists have issues with the region’s Good Move plan, calling it no more than an attempt to stop people using their cars in the city.

Police this morning warned of possible disruption to traffic as a result of the protests, and advised road-users to check the situation on police social media, including Twitter.

Helen Lyons

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