Brussels Zone 30 won’t yet pursue speeds under 47 km/h

Brussels Zone 30 won’t yet pursue speeds under 47 km/h
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People driving over 30 kilometres an hour in a Zone 30 won’t actually be getting a ticket from the speed cameras unless they hit 47 km/h according to current measures, which are said to be temporary until the beginning of May.

While police can decide to enforce a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to the Zone 30 streets – which as of the beginning of the year make up 85% of the city’s road network – the cameras won’t be triggered until a driver is going 16 km/h over the posted speed.

“It has always been the intention to raise awareness in the first phase. People have to get used to the new speed standards,” Elke Van den Brandt of the Brussels Mobility Committee told Bruzz through her spokesperson.

“It is certainly not the intention to leave it that way. We didn’t add all those speed cameras to only start fining from 47.”

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The public prosecutor for Brussels explained that a fine will only be imposed from a speed that is 10 km/h above the corrected speed, which adds another 6 km/h, for a total maximum speed of 46 km/h.

A statement from their office added that the aim is “to standardise the different practices that apply in the six police zones of the region,” and that there will be an ability “to adapt the prosecution policy for speeding offenses according to the environment in question or a particular problem.”

It isn’t yet clear when the speed cameras will be adjusted to ticket drivers before they hit the 47 km/h mark.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times

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