Belgium’s wolves enjoy holiday in the Netherlands

Belgium’s wolves enjoy holiday in the Netherlands
Credit: Paul IJsendoorn/Flickr.

Belgium’s beloved wolf parents August and Noëlla have been sighted in the Netherlands this year.

DNA that matched the genetic signature of the two wolves and their five cubs was discovered on the carcass of a sheep in the municipality of Stramproy in Dutch Limburg at the end of January, according to De Standaard.

While it’s been clear for some time that the wolves cover a large territory, this discovery was somewhat surprising, said Jan Loos of Landschap VZW, a nature association for Flanders, the Ardennes, the Netherlands and the neighboring regions.

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Loos pointed out that all of Northern Limburg is a risk zone for wolf attacks on small livestock, and reminds owners of such animals to invest in an electric, wolf-proof fence.

He said it was no longer a question of whether or not unprotected livestock would be attacked, but rather when.

Loss also offered reassurance to the inhabitants of Belgian Limburg, saying that because August and Noëlla claim such a large territory, the chances of encountering their wolf pack are slim.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times

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