Flanders gets its first roller skating trail

Flanders gets its first roller skating trail
Photo by Ambroise NICOLAO on Unsplash

Cyclists, runners, and those looking for a relaxing stroll can all find trails just for them around Flanders, but now inline skaters will have a route to call their own, too.

The very first inline skating trail in Flanders officially opened this weekend. The route for rollerbladers connects Genk and Hasselt over nearly 90 kilometres of combinable loops. If this pilot project in Limburg is successful, more inline skating routes could follow.

The sport has been rising in popularity, and the Flemish Minister of Sport Ben Weyts decided it was finally time to give athletes a proper place to practice.

“Last year the sport rolled smoothly into the top 10 most popular sports among 19-year-olds,” said Minister Weyts. “It’s not only a social and accessible sport, but also a good way to work on your fitness. The fluid movements allow you to move intensively without straining muscles or joints.”

“Mentally, inline skating is also an ideal sport. In the fresh air with the sun on your face, you can completely empty your head in a beautiful environment.”

Inline skaters were involved in the development of the routes, which aim for safe roads with a suitable surface that provide scenic views. Signage allows inline skaters to plan their route based on distance and difficulty.

Helen Lyons
The Brussels Times

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