Telework controls will be strengthened from next week

Telework controls will be strengthened from next week
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From Saturday evening, an electronic registration system will be available on the social security portal to better monitor compliance with telework, announced Federal Employment Minister Pierre-Yves Dermagne.

Each month, public and private companies will have to mention the number of workers per business unit, and the number of workers who perform a function that cannot be carried out by teleworking.

In this way, the social inspectors will be able to compare what has been declared with what they find during an inspection.

The aim is to get a better view of how companies understand telework, and to target controls on companies that do not respect it.

“Telework is one of the golden rules to follow to continue to limit the spread of the coronavirus,” Dermagne said. “Is this golden rule too often flouted? It certainly is.”

“Therefore, I have proposed to strengthen controls on compulsory teleworking,” he added. “The government will be able to get a clear picture of the application of telework in Belgian companies, thanks to an electronic registration system.”

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