A sunny week ahead

A sunny week ahead
Art Loi in the sunshine Credit: Jules Johnston/The Brussels Times

Belgium will see some sunshine this week, with a dry forecast and warm temperatures ahead.

It is expected to be dry and sunny on Monday afternoon, according to the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI), with a few high-level clouds in the sky. Belgians will be able to ditch their jackets, with temperatures ranging from 15°C in the Ardennes to 19°C in the centre.

The wind, however, will blow moderately from the south-west.

The sky should remain cloudless on Monday evening and during the night, but fog banks could form in places. Tonight will remain cool, with lows between 1 and 6°C, which may drop to -2°C in the Ardennes.

Tuesday brings more sunshine, with temperatures climbing to 22°C and the wind abating.

The pleasant weather will stick around on Wednesday and Thursday, with temperatures exceeding 20°C and plenty of sunshine.

Temperatures will start dropping after that, to 12 to 15°C on Friday and 11°C on Saturday.

Helen Lyons

The Brussels Times

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