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Snow and sleet for the start of the spring holidays

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The spring holidays are starting with gloomy skies and snow showers in many places in Belgium.

The weather will be variable and cold with some sleet, according to a midday forecast by the Royal Meteorological Institute (RMI) on Monday.

This afternoon, the maximums will vary between 0 degrees in the Ardennes and 6 degrees in Flanders. The wind will be from the northwest and moderate to strong at times, with peaks of 50 to 65 k/ph.

Rain or sleet has been spotted in places. Snow is also forecast over the Ardennes highlands.

On Tuesday, the sky will still be very variable with rain, sleet, or snow showers. Snowfall will again occur in the upper Ardennes. Some thunder is not excluded. It will be very cold for the season, with temperatures not exceeding 0 to 6 degrees.

This cold and unstable weather with sleet will also continue on Wednesday.

After a slight lull on Thursday, the weather is expected to become more variable again with some showers from Friday onwards.

The Brussels Times