Tournai police looking for owner of two camels and a dromedary

Tournai police looking for owner of two camels and a dromedary
Photo by Zachary Spears on Unsplash

Police in the Wallonia municipality of Tournai are looking for the owners of two camels and a dromedary that were found in the village of Marquain on Sunday night.

The animals were captured and temporarily placed in a meadow.

“The owner of these animals is still unknown,” said the mayor of Tournai, Paul-Olivier Delannois.

“With a few days to go, this could have been a hoax on 1 April. But the facts are real. Despite the search, the owner of the animals has still not been found. As of this Tuesday, we will contact the animal park Pairi Daiza so that they can take the animals in,” said Delannois.

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During the night, residents reported to the police that two camels and a dromedary were running along the Lille road in the Orcq/Marquain area of Tournai. Upon arriving at the scene, a patrol found that the information was correct.

In order to house these animals, the police tried in vain to contact Pairi Daiza and Veeweyde (Royal Society for the Protection of Animals) during the night.

Thanks to the kindness of a local farmer, the three animals were placed on Monday morning in a meadow in the Rue des Couvreurs in Marquain, while waiting for their owner to be found.

It’s not impossible that the three animals crossed the nearby French-Belgian border.

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