‘A first step’: wedding sector relieved by decisions for planned relaxations

‘A first step’: wedding sector relieved by decisions for planned relaxations
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The wedding sector in Belgium has said it was relieved by the decisions announced on Wednesday by the Consultative Committee for possible outdoor relaxations.

It has welcomed the prospect that outdoor gatherings of up to 50 people might be possible from 8 May if the coronavirus crisis situation in the country permits this.

"The resumption of outdoor activities and events open to fifty people is the first step towards the recovery of our sector. We hope for a full recovery in June,” Cynthia De Clercq, spokesperson for the federation of wedding suppliers HL Belgium, told BX1.

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The federation added that the measures should also be extended at least until the resumption of weddings with dance parties.

"The sector operates with a high season from May to September. If no dances are allowed this summer, many couples will cancel their parties and we will have another year without income," De Clercq said.

The Consultative Committee also announced that, from Monday 26 April, pilot projects, which will involve testing, will also be launched.

The federation of wedding suppliers HL Belgium and the Event Confederation are also looking at whether a test wedding can be included in the plan.

Federal Public Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke made it clear that these relaxations all depend on the epidemiological situation in Belgium.

“We don’t want to tie ourselves to an exact number. The situation in the hospitals has to get better, otherwise, there will be no relaxations at all,” he said.

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